Sell Your Home with The McCarty Team

Learn everything your family needs to easily sell your home, save time on the market and save you money. 


  1. The McCarty Team with DUFFY Realty offers the right commission plan for sellers, ultimate flexibility in listing terms and DUFFY secrets that our sellers use to make more money in their home sale.  
  2. We are serious about safeguarding our Seller's time and money so that they can use both having family fun together.
  3. We take you step by step through the selling process avoiding client confusion while we are doing all the marketing and essential services of an agent.

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Ready for a new lifestyle? 

5 Key Questions Every Seller Should Ask When Interviewing A Listing Agent

  1. What are your top 3 differentiators?
  2. Do you have a listing team or are you a lone wolf agent?
  3. How many homes have you sold within the past 12 months?
  4. Can you show me your written plan for getting my home sold fast and for top dollar?
  5. Is the quantity and quality of the service provided worth the sales commission rate?

Top 15 Things You Should Consider When Evaluating Listing Brokerages 

  1. List price flexibility,
  2. Teamwork vs. lone wolf,
  3. Contract terms flexibility,
  4. Sales experience and expertise,
  5. Ease of listing activation process,
  6. Size of prospective Buyer database,
  7. Discounted sales commission rates,
  8. Property specific website design
  9. Complimentary home warranty
  10. Social media resources and connections
  11. Professionally taken photographs of home
  12. Other complimentary home services e.g. pest control
  13. Vendor partner resources with special client discounts
  14. Emotional connection vs. features based advertising technique
  15. A step-by-step written game plan for getting your home sold fast and for top dollar.

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